Plant Containers

View some of the containers The Plant Lady can provide for your workplace.

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Cubio container, metallic silver color Cubio container, coffee color Earthforms container, symmetrical container Earthforms container, tall cylinder

Earthforms container, Gainey metallic silver Earthforms container, blue symmetrical container Hanging bowl, silver, metallic Earthforms container, rectangular, oblong

Tournesol container Sunshine stone container Camel color container Tan color container

Khaki color Parchment pattern Gainey containers Chinabowl Gainey containters

Sunshine ripple tan color Sunshine ripple wood color Sunshine ripple satin black color Sunshine ripple square dark wood color

Trapezoid, tall scalloped container dark Trapezoid, tall scalloped container light Trapezoid, tall scalloped container medium Square trapezoid container

Earthforms cobalt blue container Chinabowl burgundy color container Chinabowl tan color container Chinabowl cobalt blue container

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